RRS Seminar

Vilius Tamkvaitis
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RRS Seminar

Postby Vilius Tamkvaitis » 09 Mar 2015, 22:11

I was invited to conduct a RRS seminar in Vilnius Lithuania. Unfortunately organizers of the seminar insisted that I would focus on the least experienced sailors (mainly keelboat sailors) and cover all racing rules relevant for their needs (club racing). At the moment I am preparing for the seminar, therefore I would like to ask maybe you have conducted similar seminars and have any suggestions about the topics I should or should not cover during the seminar?

Ojars Rancans
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Re: RRS Seminar

Postby Ojars Rancans » 21 Mar 2015, 02:18

Hi Vilius,

I don't think it's unfortunate. Everyone have to start somewhere.., I mean sailors.
If potential participants and their level of RRS knowledge are known, I would try to ask them first what they want to hear.

Just my 2 Euro cents.

Vilius Tamkvaitis
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Re: RRS Seminar

Postby Vilius Tamkvaitis » 03 Apr 2015, 13:17

My conclusions after the seminar. It is impossible to cover "all rules" in one seminar. :) I barely managed to squeeze into 3 hours!

I tried to present the rules in English at is more accurate and the perspectives of upcoming racing rules in Lithuanian is, I guess vague.

I structured the seminar into four main parts:
0. Introduction - who am I and why I am here
1. What the hell is racing rules:
  • Not only a book
  • Fundamental rules
  • Competitors in the sport of sailing are governed by a body of rules that they are expected to follow and enforce
  • Role of RO/Judge
2. When boats meet - building blocks of racing rules
  • Definitions
  • Right of way rules
3. From start to finish
  • Rules at start
  • Rules at marks (Rule is imposible to explain in an hour)
  • Other rules/situations while racing
  • Finish
4. Protest
  • Procedure
  • Do's and don'ts

I guess that everybody was happy after the seminar. I have attached my PowerPoint presentation, it is in Lithuanian/English so most likely it won't be very helpful.

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